Helping Your Business or Non Profit Connect With The Community

The More You Know The More You Grow – Together

We Changed To Be Effective During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The initials SCI have stood for several things over the many years we have been in business. But now, Sustaining Community Involvement is the true spirit of what we are all about, and that is why we have pivoted Something2BelieveIn to respond to the current business/non-profit environment. Most are already familiar with the dire situation for small businesses everywhere, but the lesser known fallout is with smaller local non-profit organizations that depended on micro budgets to stay afloat. They need help more than ever if they are going to survive and continue providing unique and diverse services and solutions to their communities.

There are two key parts to growing any community organization.

  • 1) Money to implement the wonderful works and programs that directly impact those who will be helped.
  • 2) Greater community awareness that allows those efforts to increase the effectiveness far beyond any individual donor or campaign.

For years both businesses and non-profits have recognized the benefit of mutual parings. Mostly though, they are just bits and pieces here and there – a sponsorship, marketing opportunity, or special event once or twice a year. If it was hard before COVID, it’s almost impossible now. So what do we do?……This:

By connecting with like minded local businesses that have successfully changed their business models to accommodate the times we live in, we are thrilled to offer custom branded PPE products at price points that will allow non-profits the opportunity to bring in desperately needed funds with minimal work. Because of our uniquely flexible arrangements we can offer direct organization branding or co-branding with any business that is willing to support your organization. This will reopen the opportunities for fundraising with something that is on going and pertinent for the times we live in now. The Something2BelieveIn platform will provide all the necessary resources for any organization to simply network the availability of their customized products and make money on every sale. Simple, current and effective.

Sustained Community Involvement – Something2BelieveIn Fundraising

Service  –  Commitment  –  Integrity


Understanding that helping a person, place or thing to the best of your ability comes naturally, without having any expectations in return or need for recognition. Be of service first and the rest will follow.


Comes from heart, passion, dedication, desire. Energy and creativity that doesn’t stop until all available thoughts and ideas are turned into actions that produce only the finest results.


The most important quality, personally and professionally, from which all other aspects are judged and measured. Integrity instills trust that will form long lasting bonds. Bonds that unite to make a difference and affect desired outcomes in a sincere and positive way.